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Charger Adaptor Plug 4mm banana connector to Female Tamiya Futaba TRX EC3 JST XT60 Multifunctional Lipo   Description: Charger Adaptor , 8 in 1 plug (Dean, EC3 , Tamiya , TRX ,XT60 ,JST ,Futaba,4.0MM golden connector) Total length :300MM Main Wire: 14AWG red /black silicone wire 150MM with Male 4.0MM banana connector . Branch Lines: [...]

XT60 Connectors to Deans One Two Smart Connector Multifunctional Plug Description: XT60 Connectors to EC3 One Two Smart Connector Multifunctional Plug     What difference with the regular multifunctional connector? SWITCH TO VARIOUS BATTERIES INTEGRATED STAMPING STRUCTURE AVOID SHORT CIRCUIT & EXPLOSION CHARGING STABLY & FASTER ANTI-SKID SURFACE PURE COPPER &18K PURE GOLD PLATED HIGH ELASTICITY NYLON & UNIQUE FIBER [...]